Who We Are :

Lean Guru is an consulting and training organization led by strong team of reputed leaders from industry with 20+ years of global experience including deep expertise in the implementation of best practice in work optimisation, supply chain management and the use of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.



Our facilitators has trained over 10000 professionals in Germany, Finland, Hungry, China, North America, Korea, Singapore, Japan and India.


Ms. Anshu Mishra

is an Educator, Motivator, Leadership & Life coach who helps executives and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. She has over 20 years of global experience across verticals from Automobile, Telecom, EMS, Defense, Manufacturing , CSR initiatives with NGOs


Mr. Umesh Kumar

is an operations executive with 21 plus years of international experience in Green field, Operations, Start-ups, Supply-chain, Toyota production system (TPS), Design, IE, Project Management, Lean-Six Sigma, Quality Systems, Financial Management in a variety of highly competitive and fast paced industries in Automotive, Manufacturing, Electronics, Telecom and E – Commerce.

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