“To maximize customer value while minimizing waste.”

  • We help organizations to apply lean techniques and eliminating waste in the processes. That can mean anything from packages being overfilled to equipment with too much downtime or resources being idle or not utilized at optimum level.
  • The benefits are substantial. If  can embrace lean manufacturing as part of your overall strategy, you could look forward to:
  • Increased profits
  • Decreased costs
  • Efficiency gains
  • Long-term growth

We provide following services for the organizations


Process Design :

Process is the backbone for any product or services and if designed well would result into higher NPS (Net Promotor Score), Efficient operations, Profitability and Higher morale of employees.Lean Guru provides end to end process design for new product / services and complete value stream mapping to avoid NVA to make the existing process more robust.

For detail information, Please email us at info@leanguru.in


Engineering and Innovation:

To remain competitive one needs to keep on innovating. Our experts with their vast global experience engage employees and provide them the tools required for innovations and continuous improvement. We also help organization to provide engineering solutions through our partners.

For detail information, Please email us at info@leanguru.in


Lean Six Sigma Consultancy:

Lean is a culture, We inculcate strategies & implement through practical hands on approach along with Six Sigma tools that help organization to deliver meaningful & measurable milestone. There are multiple courses offered to equip employees starting from Senior leadership till associates level who are working on the shop floor or field employees

For detail information, Please email us at info@leanguru.in

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